2005, after the dissolvement of the then only afrobeat band in Berlin "Rhythmtaxi", the city witnessed the birth of a new offspring of Afrobeat family christened “KabuKabu”- a slogan used in Lagos/ Nigeria for buses used in transporting the masses. The bus not only transports people from one point to another, but also serves as a medium of disseminating news and messages to the people.

The band was formed by Akinola Famson, Ekow Brown and Patrick Frankowski (pillars of Afro and Reggae scene in Berlin) alongside with musicians, who have dedicated their artistic life to improving on the legacy laid by Fela Kuti “Godfather of Afrobeat”. The result is a mix of Dancehall, SoulFunkJazz Americas blended in with Westafrican traditional elements - an irresistable groove travelling round the globe. In the past KabuKabu cooperated with other solo artists as well as DJs and MCs e.g. TONY ALLEN, EBO TAYLOR, JIMI TENOR, TM STEVENS, MFA KERA.